DBTS Preview

DBTS Preview

The DBTS Preview extension is a completely customizable extension that works with the DBTS Form Processor Extension and will allow you to create Preview Pages and Data Merge Confirmation Pages simply dragging the Preview Object in your pages. Further more it allows you to supress the visual output and makes the submitted data available in your pages, so you can create your own, free layout page.

The automatic visual output is customizable (table background color, border type, width, color and type, labels and values font, fontsize, style, background color, size) to allow you to match your own site theme.

In this version, the extension has a visual output in the WB workspace so you can check colors, fonts, size etc directly in WB !

For the demo, see http://www.dbtechnosystems.com/wb6/forms/smtp/index2.php

Built with Extension Builder 2.6.0.
Requires WB7.


Created by: DB Technosystems.com
Added: January 3, 2011
Last update: January 9, 2011
Category: Forms
Designed for: WYSIWYG Web Builder 7 (and up)
Downloads: 13911
64bit support: Yes